miércoles, 19 de octubre de 2016

Hillary Clinton Versus Donald Trump, Nuclear Holocaust versus Peace ... !!!

It seems incredible, see the point that you have come, they use the same techniques to discredit and destroy the opponent, just as they do those who hold power against those who do not enter into their plans.

In my opinion, you the people of the United States, are totally confused by the hidden agenda that are deployed, those who they govern.

By simple common sense, we have a saying "a dead dog nobody kicks" or "a tree without fruit no one throws stones" that is the millionaire Donald Trump, if it were anything, no one would care nothing would do, even taking it into account, was like many, an excluded, but we see that if they are affecting, if you fear, why attack him with that technique, sexual assault and all disrepute, and is not indeed, the important thing is to attack first and ask questions later. As elections, anything goes, although the two cousins, both the Clinton and Trump.

Now regardless of who wins, the only ones affected are yourselves, have nowhere to run, because who should choose is someone humble village, but that is impossible because they would never be in lists, worst of candidates, those are excluded, worse in countries like yours.
See the millionaire, if you say, that a rich never enter the kingdom of heaven, you will do something for you, and they only care about their class and hierarchy and you are only the people believe, those whom only the crumbs, if any, will reach them.

The rich only interested in power, for the sake of having it, as he felt it through money now want another experience, through those emotions, which are better than any drug, have power over everyone else.

Let us now to Hillary, she has already been working behind the presidents, hidden behind racks, it knows it complete, she has been the activist channeler of the hidden agenda who are serving behind the puppet presidents who have not given that they are behind everything they are doing to the world, and gave them a black president, now want to impose the first woman president and that neither repent, to be yourselves who choose it, concealed cynicism size.

So I say to you, that you they're going to go very wrong, do not have to choose, are facing a bad double alternative, you the American people are the ones who should be in power, recreating a new system of government, something different, that works for the majority, for all of you and I not only kidnapped all covert agendas of those who are behind their puppet government doing what pleases them and deceiving you all.

The first rule is followed in each country and each planet is getting all the resources for the use of everyone in a common good, but those who badly want to become powerful, they want to do, it is abusively or stratagems taking resources others for personal gain. And that is paid because it is paid by transgressing the law.


viernes, 23 de septiembre de 2016

Repent of his works, ask forgiveness in humility and turn his face to IHVH ... !!!

Apo 1:3  Blessed [is] he that readeth, and they that hear the words of this prophecy, and keep those things which are written therein: for the time [is] at hand.

Apo 1:5  And from Jesus Christ, [who is] the faithful witness, [and] the first begotten of the dead, and the prince of the kings of the earth. Unto him that loved us, and washed us from our sins in his own blood,

Apo 1:6  And hath made us kings and priests unto God and his Father; to him [be] glory and dominion for ever and ever. Amen.

Apo 1:7  Behold, he cometh with clouds; and every eye shall see him, and they [also] which pierced him: and all kindreds of the earth shall wail because of him. Even so, Amen.

Apo 1:8  I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, saith the Lord, which is, and which was, and which is to come, the Almighty.

Apo 1:18  I [am] he that liveth, and was dead; and, behold, I am alive for evermore, Amen; and have the keys of hell and of death.

Apo 1:19  Write the things which thou hast seen, and the things which are, and the things which shall be hereafter;

Apo 2:5  Remember therefore from whence thou art fallen, and repent, and do the first works; or else I will come unto thee quickly, and will remove thy candlestick out of his place, except thou repent.

Apo 2:16  Repent; or else I will come unto thee quickly, and will fight against them with the sword of my mouth.

Apo 3:19  As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten: be zealous therefore, and repent.

Apo 3:20  Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.

Jer 25:32 Thus saith IHVH of hosts: Behold, evil will go forth from nation to nation; a very strong whirlwind [Stone, Earthquake, Tsunami] is triggered from the ends of the earth, "

Jer. 25:32


י ה ש ו ה



miércoles, 21 de septiembre de 2016


The spirits of North America that called for proof of life to God, asked to be judged by elements within the same laws of life; because they did not know what was the feeling of being judged by the elements of a planet of evidence, they did not know;


Because when you ask God, life forms that are not known, such a request is made, starting from the largest innocence, that the mind can imagine; so that all the feelings that everyone has within its individuality, the spirit did not know them;


That is why the divine Gospel of God says: Every spirit is tested on their own feelings, my God; and also mentioned: Proof of life.-


Spirits of North America, did not suffer major damage in World War II, by men, because the damage left men had not asked God; they asked the damage from the elements, if they, arrived to violate the divine law of God; and they raped; because they to improve, they did based on unequal laws; the unequal not pleasing to God; because it never reaches unequal to true happiness; the unequal perpetuates injustice and unhappiness; the unequal produces a strange fleeting happiness, and rests on the injustice suffered by millions of people; try to conquer happiness for all, without giving up the unequal, it is simply a pipe dream; evidenced by the irrefutable fact hundreds of centuries consumed in unequal laws;


The creators of happiness based on unequal laws, could have millions of years ahead, and never would never achieve perfect happiness for all; creators of a strange system of life based on the unequal, horrible moments await you; because it will be fulfilled in them, the divine judgment of the elements; first will be cold, then water and finally fire; in the judgment of water, the oceans will overflow; inundating three quarters of North America; the fire of the sun will burn their land and not be traces of water to drink; because everything will evaporate; the items destroyed in a few minutes, which took years and centuries of work;


The economic power of North America, will be reduced by 70%; It is for this, is that it was written in the divine Gospel of God Seventy thousand times; God's divine parable meant a strange being, made in numerical imbalance; because 7 does not have its average equal; halves 7 are not equal; one has more and the other less;


1000 represented the advent of a just Doctrine; because it is the number of power; new power born of the strange psychology of inequality; and it means that all nations who were forced to live in the unequal, wake up and form a single nation; these nations manage to get rid of it unbalanced and create the balanced; It becomes independent of the old system of unequal laws;


When the spirits of North America, asked God, they are judged by the elements, made a crazy own request; because the elements are infinite and have no limits; instead the punishment of men against men, is limited; the damage caused a war between men, soon repaired; it is within human limits; the experience left by the Second World War demonstrated;


The fall of North America as a world power, it is by poverty; and will be so immense this poverty, its people go begging to the food; and it is fulfilled in them, which in the divine Gospel of God, was written: By their works and deeds you will be judged, the North American work, it left a toll of millions of poor, of all categories; some of which were forced to be;


Because the North American beast, the strange debauchery of using force to impose its laws, and life test consisted in not tempted in the use of force was taken; for being God all love, all without exception, they had asked laws of love;


As the divine Judgment, order for humanity to God, included everything imaginable, it is that those who are tempted to use force during the test of life, fall by force, the force of the elements , destroys them; if they had sown love, they receive love.-

Rev. 1: 8


י ה ש ו ה



Because Man has need of Final Judgment…!!!

Of a truth I say unto you, the new philosophy of the New World Omega (Rev. 1: 8.), Truly I tell you that the new philosophy of the New World Omega, will be very similar to the philosophy and thinking of a child; as it should have always been; if the world had guided as they should, by my writings and Commandments, this world would have one philosophy; a single government; a single symbol and a common destiny; You would not need Judgment; because it would be meaningless; plus, the opposite happened; man did the opposite; instead of letting the humble, rule this world, relegated to last; Is not it written that every humble is first before the Father? and if every humble is first before the Lord, my humble why not rule this world? here's a question that will shake the foundations of the world Alpha;


י ה ש ו ה



The fall of the Beast, the fall of the materialistic world…!!!

Born a new world; new philosophy; new universal government; new and unique flag; new destination; new meat;

Every kingdom has its time of glory; and fall time; you and you passed your glory; now confront your fall; every kingdom divided as yours, falls over time; all philosophy that divided other, there is in this world;

Restore things on my Firstborn Son, it is to crush those who crushed others; because the hierarchy is imposed on the worlds; the powers of the spirit, defeat the darkness, sunrises spirit;

This is what will happen to you demons of gold; land and seas, will open when you send my son Firstborn; The world will be left aghast executioners; nothing you can; power corrupted your gold, no longer tempt the world; you can no longer afford buying weak consciences; you no longer falsely the world;

Because new customs born in the world; truly I tell you, curse one having known gold; as curses the devil; your world who have kept by force, will fall; truly I tell you, will be regarded with infinite pity; because you are the damned of the world; the world will flee from you, as fleeing from the plague;

Truly I tell you, just find honey, where you call animals; behold, what will be your fruit; here's what you fought; here is your own division and disbanding of your reign; behold the serpent crushed; behold the Satan of your world; behold, your mourn and gnashing of teeth; behold what comes to those who believe be sent alone; here's the situation for those who despised the Scriptures of the Father; here again, the snake of earthly paradise; behold evil that subjugated the world in the centuries of trial; behold the fall of the beast; behold the fall of the reign of Satan; behold the fall of the tree that planted the Father in His divine teachings; behold, the world began Omega, and the fall of world Alpha; Alfa principle is the materialistic world; (Rev. 1: 8.) A world and customs that is forgotten;

Born a new world; new philosophy; new universal government; new and unique flag; new destination; new flesh; kid's World; ¡¡¡Innocence triumphs !!! truly I tell you, that no philosophy Adult exit any, will be in this world; and it is easier to enter the Kingdom, a child called adult; the first is innocent; the second lived a life system that deludes and divided; and all divided spirit, does not enter the Kingdom of Heaven;

to the Kingdom, as he went; with innocence and serving only the Father; in the Kingdom of Heaven, philosophies that divide others are not known; because no one with such ideas come distant worlds, he has entered the Kingdom of Heaven;


י ה ש ו ה



martes, 20 de septiembre de 2016

Revelation Scrolls Lamb of God .... !!!!

Revelation does not repeat what men know, Revelation announces what men do not know, for something called Revelation; This was announced in Revelation, the Gospel; John's vision of the Scrolls and the Lamb is called, because this Scripture will be known to the world as the Lamb of God Scrolls, others will call in different ways, but it is the same.


י ה ש ו ה



Third Doctrine of the Lamb of God for all Mankind ... !!!

This THIRD DOCTRINE was ordered for all mankind, as were ordered the MOSAIC and CHRISTIAN Doctrines and now it DOCTRINE OF THE LAMB OF GOD represents for the world INTELLECTUAL JUDGEMENT, beginning the FINAL JUDGEMENT and It will be the only doctrine that explains how they were made all things; because before trial, humanity asked the Father to know the cause of all causes. It is judged knowingly.


י ה ש ו ה




Announcing that there will come a Final Judgment of ordeals, starting with a doctrine that will make up the last creature. It will be the era of Mourn and gnashing of teeth; It will be called: THE INTELLECTUAL JUDGMENT OF GOD, in which the origin of all things be explained; then follow the judgment of fire or Solar Judgment.


י ה ש ו ה




The Final Judgment will be....!!!!!!

The Final Judgment will be nation by nation, man by man, molecule by molecule; eye for an eye and tooth for tooth and which is closer than you imagine; These writings open and reveal what will be the Last Judgment, which begins with the third doctrine, which begins in the American herd.


י ה ש ו ה



viernes, 16 de septiembre de 2016

WELCOME to the START of the FINAL JUDGMENT....!!!!!!!!!!!!

Citizens of all of the countries of the world; After this terrestrial cycle of 10,800 years; They get to the end of his lives of proofs; When a life of proofs, in the Kingdom Of Heaven is  asked for, it is a life that has end; Everything will reach an agreement to the Father's writings; Just as you were sent, you do right now many centuries; The proof of the world, he involved not getting out of the writings; Neither in a microscopic part;

Just as the world of proof asked it for ( the land ), In order to know GOD'S revelation on The Origin of everything, The Last Judgment, etc,


י ה ש ו ה



domingo, 4 de septiembre de 2016


Greetings my beloved friends, brothers, disciples, followers and citizens of our beautiful planet Earth.

I speak after 10 years of struggle great, both internal and external, in all aspects.

Enough it has come, in all this time, since I started the message " CHRIST THE WORLD IS NOW " .

A new phase has already begun, from the New Millennium and now more than ever we open opportunities to take them.

They are very welcome to the good news Millennium Aquarium and all that that implies.

Coming rolls seals will be opened and the new review cycle of their lives begin.

A big hug and Maranâthâ....!!!!!
י ה ש ו ה


Saludos mis amados amigos,hermanos, discipulos, seguidores y ciudadanos de nuestro hermoso Planeta Tierra.

les hablo luego de 10 años de una guerreada lucha, tanto interna como externa, en todos los aspectos.

Bastante se ha recorrido, en todo este tiempo, desde que inicie el mensaje de "CRISTO AL MUNDO ES AHORA".

Una nueva etapa ha empezado ya, desde el Nuevo Milenio y ahora más que nunca tenemos las oportunidades abiertas para tomarlas.

Sean muy bienvenidos a las buenas nuevas del milenio de Acuario y todo lo que eso implica.

Próximamente los sellos de los rollos serán abiertos y el nuevo ciclo de revisión de sus vidas empezará.

Un gran abrazo y Maranâthâ....!!!!!

י ה ש ו ה


domingo, 1 de diciembre de 2013


Estimados ciudadanos de Latinoamérica, aquí les presento esta ponencia*, que nos abre la visión para adentrarnos en los cambios sociales....



Por Nicolás Armando Herrera Farfán ψ.

* Ponencia presentada en el Congreso Internacional "Universidad: en el camino de la innovación pedagógica" realizado en Quito (Ecuador) del 21 al 22 de noviembre de 2013, y organizado por el Instituto Universitario de Educación Pedagógica de la Universidad Central del Ecuador. Agradecido el autor por el intercambio fecundo y maravilloso sostenido con los doctores Roberto Leher (Brasil) y Napoleón Saltos (Ecuador). Así mismo, agradece los maravillosos aportes, comentarios y correcciones de los historiadores Lorena López Guzmán y Carlos Andrés Celis Gómez y el teólogo Luis Hernán Peña, ofm. Finalmente al Mg. Tomas Quevedo Ramírez (Ecuador) por compartir su punto de vista sobre el encuentro entre la noción "Sentipensante" (de Orlando Fals Borda) y "corazonar" (de Patricio Guerrero Arias).

ψ Psicólogo Universidad Surcolombiana (Neiva, Colombia). Candidato a Magister en Psicología Social Comunitaria de la Universidad de Buenos Aires (Buenos Aires, Argentina). Integrante del Colectivo Frente Unido-Investigación Independiente (CFU-II). Correo: nherreraf@gmail.com


Les adjunto el documento, para que se lo descarguen y pasen la voz, duplíquenlo....!!!!!

Me ha inspirado y prescribo a continuación, utilizando algunas de sus ideas, atentamente: Dr. Clever Sánchez.

Rompamos los amarres del pensamiento colonizado/colonizador y construyamos un nuevo modo de comprender las cosas y situaciones, hagamos una ciencia que supere este cientificismo y comprometámonos con las realidades cambiantes de los pueblos (pág. 11)

Construyamos con urgencia marcos científicos y de sentido significativo para comprender esta realidad.

Latinoamérica requiere un episteme, de nuestro compromiso para salir de esta crisis y liberar nuestros pueblos.

Con nuestra actividad y ejemplo seamos nuestros propios profetas (pág. 14) en moldear un nuevo sistema que no sea capitalista o socialista, siempre en una búsqueda del despertar, desarrollo y realización humana.

Rompamos esa relación de sumisión, opresión y dependencia recíproca con los ostentadores del poder (pág. 16).

Afloremos nuestro corazón y pensamientos, hagamos lo que anhelamos con angustia, pasión y amor (pág. 18)

Respondamos con la descolonización del poder, del saber y del ser (pág. 18), concienciemos ese cambio social, desde nuestro interior, con el ejemplo, hacia el exterior y solo ahí podremos desnudar este modelo inequitativo e inicuo arraigado como norma para la producción y reproducción de la vida social (pág. 18), pongamos orden en el desorden.

Despierta ciudadano Latinoamericano, adéntrate hacia una conciencia colectiva, para reconstruir nuestras sociedades según nuevas normas y pautas (pág. 20)

Acaso necesitamos estar sometidos a esas élites de los grupos dominantes que nos enlazan en rutinas de muerte colectiva, somos libres pero es necesario concienciarlo y hacer la ruptura con este modo de esclavización social, política, económica, ideológica, filosófica, religiosa y demás similares.

Busquemos la relación recíproca en unidad social y en base a un nuevo modelo de sistema de servicio a los demás y no como hasta la presente hemos vivido, el servicio solo hacia sí mismos (pág. 21).

Necesitamos una educación en todos los niveles y en especial en la superior, que se vincule con las verdaderas necesidades de las sociedades (pág. 22) y desde ese parámetro crear nuevas formas y un nuevo modo de producción, es con el pueblo que se surge, pero sincronizándonos simbióticamente, por ello todo nuestro sistema educativo debe pintarse de todos los colores, sea negro, de mulato, no solo entre los alumnos y los profesores, debe pintarse de obrero, de campesino, debe pintarse de pueblo, porque la educación no es patrimonio de unos pocos, nos pertenece a todos en su totalidad (pág. 22).

Rompamos lo que se pretende hacer, el monopolio del conocimiento (pág. 23), debemos enlazarnos con toda la sociedad, para que ellas y ellos participen activamente en la construcción del conocimiento sólido y útil para sus procesos de vida y no de un sistema que a futuro va para dominador y esclavizador.

Nuestra emancipación intelectual requiere de un cambio de actitudes y no de esta apatía política, sutil y manipulada, más bien organicemos el cambio social verdadero, mediante la revitalización de la iniciativa, creatividad e imaginación (pág. 23).

Digamos con entendimiento, nunca más en volver a reproducir los modelos de explotación y dominación, sea de donde viniere o surgiere. (pág. 24).

Despertemos a la Unidad de lo que se necesita y en sí son, los verdaderos problemas de las sociedades, vinculados a un verdadero conocimiento de la realidad social y así poder entender la complejidad del pensamiento propuesto por Edgar Morín (pág. 24)

Vamos pues, por los procesos de cambios entre todos, intelectuales y el pueblo (pág. 24) para transformarnos y mejorar las condiciones de vida de la humanidad, de ser posible desde Latinoamérica (pág. 25).

Veamos a nuestro prójimo, tanta gente humilde que se la sigue manteniendo en la rutina y la repetición, manipulada por el poder, el control y el temor.

Recojamos la lección, compañeros de toda América; acaso tenga el sentido de un presagio glorioso, la virtud de un llamamiento a la lucha suprema por la Libertad (pág. 25).


sábado, 16 de marzo de 2013

EL SER UNO “THE ONE BEING”, “CLEVER SANCHEZ”, ECUADOR, awareness, love, understanding and knowledge ........!!!



"You have traveled many lives, relive the memories and the power of love, to continue on the journey of the pilgrim.
Having extrasensory experiences, see light bodies, get referrals, have premonitory dreams, intuition through the sensitivity of the inner senses, making guesses or prophecy, healing with the laying on of hands and more, is a natural part of all the children of the universe .

Those who do not feel or do not live these experiences in their wake, should not be less nor different.
These qualities arouse some before and some after.
Many times the density of matter and not let the energy is expressed, pretending to be, that by living the sensations of feeling, is in the way and the other not.

Not so, every soul is expressed in different ways, the high energy sensitivity lives in every being, is within each one, do not ever hesitate.
The subtlety of energy are the answers, in the everyday, in the acts, actions and thoughts.

Do not expect great events and exaggerated expressions.
Who usually has more detailed these experiences, it is because they are mystical beings who need to feel to believe.
There is no greater happiness than to see and feel, being ... is ... this is the true path of light and love, is the purest expression of the heart and soul.

The soul needs no real feeling, just need to know deeply that your way is right.
The feelings are human feelings that being needed as a check on himself "...



Launch of books I & II, videos and audiobooks(process of developing)

– THE ONE BEING "EL SER UNO" – ENGLISH & SPANISH  "Your mastery as a doctor of the soul and awakening of consciousness"


Our brothers partners Argentina and several countries are supporting us, for the diffusion and transmission of knowledge: "EL SER UNO" The being one, producing the videos. We are real teams Lightworkers, anonymous and altruistic, because with our attitude, we can show and set the example, you do not need the ambition, profit and money in order to transmit knowledge that came to us as the Sun .. we donate free and free. 

This work has been done with love, whose only feeling is deep, spread the knowledge, understanding and love ... Being one, given our Big Brothers - Ayaplianos, for all of us that we are in search of internal responses. The Universe grateful altruistic and selfless collaboration of HUMAN anonymous offering their services for the spiritual growth of humanity ... WE ARE ALL, WE ARE ONE….."EL SER UNO"







Be pleased to distribute this information and network forms of knowledge, understanding and Love.

Without knowledge, NO LIVE
Without understanding, I do not exist
Without LOVE, NO I AM





"Dr. Clever Sanchez"
Who has been nourished by
these five volumes for years, from when they left and here I am recommending that reflect, are wonderful, they give you all complementing our quest to move forward ........... wonderful moments and blessed are those who are living in the now, my precious brothers.






"Ustedes han recorrido muchas vidas, revivan los recuerdos y la fuerza del amor, para que continúen en la travesía del peregrino.
Tener experiencias extrasensoriales, ver entidades de luz, recibir canalizaciones, tener sueños premonitorios, intuir a través de la sensibilidad de los sentidos internos, hacer adivinaciones o profecías, curar con la imposición de manos y más, es parte natural de todos los hijos del universo.
Aquellos que no sienten o no viven estas experiencias en su despertar, no deben sentirse menos, ni tampoco diferentes.
Estas cualidades despiertan en unos antes y en otros después.
Muchas veces la densidad de la materia, no deja que la energía se exprese, haciendo creer al ser, que por vivir las sensaciones del sentir, se encuentra en el camino y los otros no.

No es así, cada alma se expresa de diferente modo, la energía elevada vive en la sensibilidad de cada ser, está dentro de cada uno, no lo duden jamás.
En la sutileza de la energía se encuentran las respuestas; en el día a día, en los actos, acciones y pensamientos.
No esperen grandes acontecimientos y expresiones exageradas.
Generalmente quién tiene esas experiencias más detalladas, es porque son seres místicos que necesitan el sentir para creer.
No hay felicidad más grande que sin ver y sentir, el ser… ES… Este es el verdadero camino de la LUZ y del AMOR, es la expresión más pura del corazón y del alma.
El alma auténtica no necesita de la sensación, solo necesita saber profundamente, que su camino es el correcto.
El sentir, son sensaciones humanas que el ser necesita como una comprobación de sí mismo"…

Nuestros hermanos colaboradores de Argentina y varios países nos están apoyando, para la difusión y transmisión del conocimiento: EL SER UNO, elaborando los videos. Somos equipos de verdaderos Trabajadores de la LUZ, anónimos y altruistas, porque con nuestra actitud, podemos demostrar y dar el ejemplo, de que no se necesita la ambición, la ganancia y el dinero, para poder transmitir un conocimiento que llegó a nosotros como el Sol... gratis y gratis debemos donarlo. Este trabajo ha sido realizado con mucho AMOR, cuyo único y profundo sentimiento es, propagar el CONOCIMIENTO, ENTENDIMIENTO Y AMOR... EL SER UNO, dado por nuestros Hermanos Mayores – Ayaplianos, para todos nosotros que nos encontramos en la búsqueda de respuestas internas. El Universo agradece profundamente la colaboración altruista y desinteresada de HUMANOS que ofrecen sus servicios anónimos, para el crecimiento espiritual de la HUMANIDAD… SOMOS TODOS, SOMOS UNO.

se grato distribuyendo esta información y forma la red de Conocimiento, Entendimiento y Amor.



Dr. Clever Sánchez
Quien se ha nutrido de estos 5 volumenes durante años, desde cuando salieron y aqui estoy recomendandoles que los reflexionen, son maravillosos, que te dan la complementación a toda nuestra busqueda...........sigan adelante que momentos maravillosos y dichosos son los que estamos viviendo en el ahora, mis apreciados hermanos.